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Welcome to HAGEBOC 2014!  Please join me in celebrating the holiday season by guessing how much money Oscar-bait dramas, CGI-stuffed fantasy films, R-rated comedies, lavish Broadway musical adaptations and lackluster family films will earn over the next seven weeks. It’s really more fun than it sounds.

No change in the scoring system this year (4 points awarded to the person with the closest guess, 2 to the runner-up.  A 2 point bonus for being within 500k.  Bonus questions are worth 1/2 point each) but I’m considering playing with the standard deadline after this week’s contest.


On the first week of HAGEBOC, Gone Elsewhere asked of me: “What will Mockingjay earn from Friday to Sunday?”


Will Dumb and Dumber To fall OVER or UNDER 60% this weekend?

Answers are due on Thursday, November 20th by 12:00 pm EST.  Good luck!


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  1. Maybe? Not sure. That’s one of the least offensive options I had on the banner-making site I tried.

    HAGEBOC: This time it’s WAR.

  2. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part One – $149.9 million

    The original Dumb and Dumber had some of the best holds ever for a comedy. Difference is that was the 2nd best comedy ever made and the sequel isn’t funny at all. Still, I’ll break with you guys for a shot at glory. UNDER.

  3. Well, this was an easy enough week to score! I’ll adjust if Dumber somehow adjusts to under 60%, but that’s pretty unlikely.

    Marco – 4.5
    Joe Webb – 2.5
    Jackrabbit Slim – .5
    James – .5
    Juan – 0
    Rob – 0

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