‘Terminator Genisys’ Spoiler Speculation: John Connor (Jason Clarke) is the surprise villain of the latest Terminator sequel


Discussing the complete clusterf-ck that has been Terminator Genisys‘ promotional campaign with Juan a few days back – we came up with a theory as to the identity of the film’s surprise big bad.

Following the release of the film’s first trailer today we’re absolutely convinced that none other than John Connor himself is the villain of the latest Terminator sequel.

How did we come to this conclusion?  Let’s do this in pictures because I’m so, so sleepy:

So here’s future war resistance leader John Connor (Edward Furlong, Nick Stahl, Christian Bale, Jason Clarke) doing his thing.  And that thing is, hopefully: staying on the wagon, not getting lost on Skid Row or screaming at the lighting people.  Note the distinctive (albeit silly) facial scarring.

He sends Kyle Reese (Michael Biehn, Anton Yelchin, Jai Courtney) to the past to save Sarah Connor (Emilia Clarke) from Arnold’s original 1984 Terminator. However, it plays out differently due to wacky time travel shenanigans.

At some point, probably when Reese and Sarah find themselves transported back to “the future” (assuming 2015?), they’re reunited with an altered version of John…

… who looks quite animated and/or annoyed.  Note the soulless corporate weasel attire and lack of scars. Whatever changes were made by Sarah and Kyle in 1984 have had an enormous impact on mankind’s last hope.

Reese looks betrayed and Sarah is, well, trigger happy about the whole thing.

And here’s Arnold’s old guy Terminator (aka “Pops”) attacking someone who certainly appears to be wearing the same suit as JC above.

Terminator Genisys John Connor villain

So while the specifics of John’s turn to the dark side aren’t clear (does Sarah’s time travel to “the future” result in John being raised by someone other than his mother? Arnold’s Terminator takes care of Sarah following the death of her parents in the new film – does the same thing happen to John?  Does he work for Cyberdyne?) it’s kind of cool that the machines finally gave up on killing the guy and instead figured out a way to just buy out the bastard.  Stock options and a private bathroom, that’s the ticket.

Terminator Genisys opens July 1, 2015.


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  1. I was with you until you missed putting Thomas Dekker, Linda Hamilton & Lena Headey parenthetically after their respective characters. Sarah Connor Chronicles was awesome!

  2. Sarah, Kyle and Pops jump to the future and the T-1Asian raises John!

    Seriously, though, no Dekker?

  3. Your suggestion sounded better than anything in the trailer which was beyond awful. Seemed like a dreary rehash of the first two films. Not interested in it in the slightest now.

  4. I’m guessing the reason they revealed the alleged plot twist in the trailer is in part because reaction to the first trailer was largely underwhelming. But this still looks pointless and dire. After the previous two underwhelming sequels (although I thought Salvation was OK) is there any real public desire for this?

  5. Judging from the social media numbers after the Super Bowl trailer (in which Terminator came in last or dead last) – there’s not much interest at all. Tomorrowland also performed very poorly.

    I’ll probably see it out of some weird sense of obligation to the franchise, but I’m certainly not expecting much. I really disliked Salvation for the most part and Terminator 3 played more like a DTV sequel than a real movie (although there are a few good sequences/moments like the crane chase).

  6. Early reviews are in and they’re unsurprisingly underwhelming. The lack of interest mentioned (as occurred with the flop Tomorrowland) mentioned above looks ominous.

    If there hadn’t been a film since T2 I reckon it could’ve overridden any quality issues and been a big hit, but can’t see this doing well.

  7. I saw the trailer before Jurassic World and surprisingly got a little excited for it. More nostalgia about that magical Summer of 1991 than anything, I guess.

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