HAGEBOC 2014 – Week Four!


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Last weekend Hollywood suffered it’s worst post-Thanksgiving day attendance since 1987. I guess that’s what happens when every single studio decides to bail on a single weekend. Lots of money needlessly left on the table.

Meanwhile – Horrible Bosses 2 won’t earn half of the original picture and The Penguins of Madagascar has made 50m (on a 132M production budget) in two weeks of release. Safe to say their further big screen adventures will be limited to appearances in the Madagascar franchise. Now we’ll see if Ridley Scott’s biblical epic breaks out or breaks down.

Joe Webb – 7
James – 5.5
Marco – 5
Jackrabbit Slim – 5
Rob – 2
Juan – 1


What will Exodus: Gods and King’s weekend gross be?  Closest earns 4 points. Second closest earns 2 points.  2 bonus points for being within 500k.


Will Top Five earn OVER or UNDER 8m this weekend?


Will The Penguins of Madagascar‘s domestic total be OVER or UNDER 61m with weekend actuals?

Answers are due on Thursday, December 11th by 11:59 pm EST.  Good luck!


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  1. Penguins have a popular TV show. Popular enough to get a primetime special at one point. Odd it didn’t carry over to the movie.

  2. It is a little weird given the popularity of the show and the Madagascar series as a whole. The reviews were pretty darned solid as well.

    Maybe having a currently airing television series is part of the problem. “Why pay for something you can see for free?” kinda thing.

  3. SCORES:
    Exodus: Marco +6, Slim +2
    Bonus 1: James +.5, Rob +.5
    Bonus 2: Marco +.5, Slim +.5, James +.5, Rob +.5, Juan +.5

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