HAGEBOC 2014 – Week Six!


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There’s a big hole in terms of releases this week with the Sony’s removal of The Interview from the schedule. Can we fill the void with the most points-filled installment of HAGEBOC ever? Outlook is positive.

Marco – 12
Jackrabbit Slim – 14
Juan – 8
Joe Webb – 7
James – 7
Rob – 3.5


What will Into The Woods’ weekend gross be?  Closest earns 4 points. Second closest earns 2 points.  2 bonus points for being within 500k.


What will The Gambler’s weekend gross be?  Closest earns 4 points. Second closest earns 2 points.

What will American Sniper’s weekend gross be?  Closest earns 4 points. Second closest earns 2 points.

What will Big Eyes’ weekend gross be?  Closest earns 4 points. Second closest earns 2 points.

Will the Sony hackers make good on their threat to release damaging information about the studio on or before Christmas day? YES or NO. 1 point for the correct answer.

What will The Hobbit weekend gross be OVER or UNDER 48M? Let’s say 1 point for the correct answer.

What are you doing for the Holidays? Any answer scores 1 point.

Answers are due on Wednesday, December 24th by 11:59 am EST. Good luck and Happy Holidays!


21 responses »

  1. $30m
    1. $17m
    2. $330k
    3. $5m
    4. Yes
    6. Under
    6. Hosting Christmas at home with many in-laws inbound, and at least 9 people staying in my small townhome! Calgon take me away!

  2. Bonus 2 is a mystery to me as well. Typo? Or something exciting being held back for the grand finale? No, it’s just a typo (corrected).

    Woods 31M
    1. 7m
    2. 500k
    3. 3m
    4. No
    5. Under
    6. Staying local, spending the morning at my house and the afternoon at my in-laws.

  3. I don’t know where Rob, Slim and Juan are but hopefully they get guesses in before the deadline. I sent out a reminder early today.

    Would have liked 100% participation this week due to the number of points in play.

  4. Oh, this week we care about deadlines?! (But seriously, thanks for the reminder.)

    $23.32 million
    #1 – $11m
    #2 – $250k
    #3 – $1m
    #4 – yes
    #5 – under
    #6 – This will be my first Christmas with family in over a decade. So that should be fun…

  5. Never saw Slim’s post above but no the deadline was today at 11:59 am EST. HOWEVER, I’m fine with moving it to 11:59 pm if Marco, Joe and Rob are ok with it. I’ll leave it up to them.

  6. If my guesses count:

    Into the Woods: 32 million
    American Sniper isn’t even opening wide. No idea: 1 million
    Big Eyes: 5m
    Quiet day with new Las Vegas family. Seeing Foxcatcher tonight.

  7. My apologies for my absence. Been busy with relatives and the like out of town in Michigan. I wish you all the best. Merry Christmas!

  8. Into the Woods $31,051,923 (James +6, Joe +2)
    Bonus 1: The Gambler $9,127,022 (Marco +4, Rob +2)
    Bonus 2: American Sniper $633,000 (James +4, Joe +2)
    Bonus 3: Big Eyes $3,001,738 (James +4, Joe +2)
    Bonus 4: No (Marco +.5, James +.5, Slim +.5)
    Bonus 5: Under (Marco +.5, Joe +.5, James +.5, Rob +.5 Slim, +.5)
    Bonus 6: Any answer (Marco +.5, Joe +.5, James +.5, Rob +.5, Slim +.5)

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