Random Thread for February


Just 9 days into the shortest month of the year…


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  1. So, any early predictions/favorites for Jon Stewart’s replacement. Aasif Mandhvi (sp?) would be good. The most intriguing possibility I saw was Amy Poehler, but I’m sure she’s going to test the waters in film.

  2. Blomkamp will kill it, and doesn’t get the credit he deserves for being as good as he is. I’m wondering if there’s not something else behind his inability to get high-profile projects (or if he just doesn’t care to).
    Chappie, while looking really awesome, is still an unknown property. He needs to do a blockbuster. I just wish it wasn’t Alien.

    Prometheus 2 won’t happen once Blomkamp fast-tracks his.

  3. So I finally have Flags Of Our Fathers and Letters from Iwo Jima at home. Is there a proper order in which to watch them? What would you all suggest?

  4. Flags came out first, so I guess that’s notionally the one to watch first. But I don’t recall there being any narrative overlap that depends on seeing one over the other.

  5. OK, thanks guys. I just read that there’s only one actor who is in both and it sounds like a minor role so they aren’t as tightly-woven as I thought.

  6. I’m a total dork for the Alien series – but I’m not enthused by another Prometheus or an Alien 5 made by Blomkamp.

    Side note re: Filmman’s comment – Isn’t an Alien sequel, that’s probably going to cost a hundred million dollars, a high profile project?

  7. Is Will Smith really headlining a throwaway heist movie? Is this the death knell of the once vaunted ‘Most Popular Movie Star on Earth’?

  8. Re: Will Smith, while there were signs that his popularity was beginning to slide in the late 2000s, he was still a pretty strong BO draw. I think the key is that he effectively dropped out of films for four years and in the film star world, that can be forever. Steve McQueen went away for a few years in the mid-1970s and was never able to regain his BO popularity in his final few films.

  9. Yeah, the long break hurt Smith a great deal. It also hasn’t helped that he’s done so many forgettable films throughout the course of his career.

    20-30 years from now what is he going to be remembered for? The original Men in Black, certainly. Possibly Independence Day? And…well, that’s probably it.

  10. Yeah, that’s very true. His film output is littered with passable, forgettable fluff which means when he disappeared from film screens for a while people found it easier to move on to other film stars.

  11. He just never made the leap to more challenging/prestigous fare. He needed to follow someone like Tom Cruise as a model. Chase after his own Collateral or a Magnolia or an Eyes Wide Shut or even a Jerry Maguire.

    And the quality of the directors he’s chosen to work with in recent years is pure B-list: David Ayer (Suicide Squad), Peter Landesman (Concussion), Glenn Ficarra, John Requa (Focus), Akiva Goldsman (Winter’s Tale), Peter Berg (Hancock), M. Night (After Earth), etc.

    Sure, some of those gentlemen might have talent – but they’re predominently screenwriters-turned-directors.

    Where are the Scorseses? The Soderberghs? The Spielbergs? A Chris Nolan? A David Fincher? An Alfonso Cuaron or a Paul Greengrass? Why is he not actively seeking out work with thse people?

  12. I reckon to the back-to-back disappointments of relatively ambitious films ‘The Legend of Bagger Vance’ & ‘Ali’ with more respected directors (even if Redford’s directorial efforts post-Ordinary People has been disappointing) was pivotal in Smith’s thinking. He seemed to consciously go for safer popcorn films with non-ambitious directorial types and it worked very well in BO terms for the rest of the decade. But now that’s begun to falter it’s hard to see him going back to something more ambitious.

  13. ‘Disappointing’? A River Runs Through It was disappointing? Quiz Show? Quiz Show is a minor masterpiece.

  14. Regardless of Ali not being the movie it could have been (though I haven’t seen it, that’s the consensus I get, and it appears it’s because Mann went far overboard worrying more about period authenticity than the movie itself) there’s no way in hell Smith was not going to do that project.

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