Random Thread for March 2015


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  1. Drew Goddard (Cabin in the Woods, Cloverfield, The Martian) will reportedly write and direct Sony/Marvel’s reboot of Spider-Man. Goddard was previously attached to the studio’s villain-centric The Sinister Six, which is not moving forward.

  2. Openings will be up sometime tomorrow most likely. Thank you for your patience!

    And oh, what a crappy, crappy week it is!

  3. In other news – the Terminator: Genisys villain reveal James and I posited some months ago is finally floating around on movie news sites now. We were well ahead of the curve.

  4. It’s been a few years and I feel like this place could use another facelift. Anyone down with a new theme?

    I’m going to get posting our Decade in Film series again. We’re stuck somewhere in the early 90’s and it’s time to kick that off again.

    And we never did a Best of 2014 post. It’s a little late, but any interest?

  5. I’m interested in anything that gets this blog a little livelier again. I look back at old threads and feel wistful about all the back and forth. As for design, I could go either way.

  6. I feel like a redesign every 2-3 years is about right. There are some stunning new templates.

    I think it’s safe to say that Nick and Brian are going to continue to be occasional commenters for the time being. Rob is typically around during the contest months and Juan pops in from time to time – but it would be nice if we could get a couple of other people to post/comment more regularly. It’s on the rest of us to keep doing what we’re doing, but just more of it.

    I still haven’t really had an opportunity to analyze our stats. There’s really no explanation for why our views are so much lower than they were a few years ago. Something fundamentally changed with how traffic is driven to WordPress and we need to adapt.

    Bottom line is that we’re getting close to a decade (!) on this blog and it seems like the perfect time to recharge things.

  7. Perhaps you’ve all heard, but I just learned that Steven Spielberg’s next film, Bridge of Spies, was written by the Coen Brothers. An intriguing combination.

  8. They just released the first of a 6-part “Big Thunder Mountain” comic series for kids, so I can only assume that will be the next ride-movie on the list. (Wait, it’s a TV show!). Aladdin seems ripe for the picking (though Prince of Persia was a flop)

  9. They’ve got Dumbo in development as well. I’d assume The Lion King isn’t nearly as far off as you’d think, although the lack of humans would mean the CGI costs will be crazy.

  10. They really need to focus on remaking Midnight Madness after all these years. Have it star all the characters from the various hit Disney Channel television sitcoms. It would be like a tween Avengers.

  11. I don’t care, man, I really loved the show, and regardless what anyone says, they ended it perfectly. Perfectly. But this just looks……kinda lame.

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