Opened in America on March 6 2015


Chappie (imdb rating: 7.4) – This sci-fi film flopped badly in America over the weekend and having seen the trailer of it, not surprising to see why. It feels like there’s been a thousand robot/post-dystopian future type films in recent years (didn’t Hugh Jackman star in a robot film just a couple of years ago?). And having lines in the trailer like “People are always fearful of something they don’t understand” doesn’t exactly make it seem fresh either

The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (6.9) – I saw the first film a couple of years ago at the cinema and was distinctly underwhelmed. I reckon the main reason it got good reviews is that critics (and certain audiences) are more likely to give a film a pass it has English acting royalty like Judi Dench & Maggie Smith. One thing this film and ‘Chappie’ have in common – both have Dev Patel in prominent roles

Unfinished Business (5.1) – As the IMDB rating indicates, the umpteenth critical/audience stinker for Vince Vaughan. His horrendous run of films in the past 10 years from a critical perspective have reached depths that Adam Sandler wouldn’t have imagined. He was still a box office draw for a while but those days appear to be long gone with this film getting no interest.

Road Hard (6.9) – After he falls on hard personal/economic times, a stand-up comic has to go back on the road. Written/directed/starring former ‘Man Show’ host Adam Carolla. Also good to see David Alan Grier in the cast who I remember fondly as Don ‘No Soul’ Simmons from ‘Amazon Women On the Moon’.

Merchants Of Doubt (7.1) – Doco about pundits who act as if they’re experts on topics such as climate change.

An Honest Liar (7.9) – Doco about famous debunker of the paranormal (especially Uri Geller) and magician James Randi. In Australia, Randi would be most well-known for this infamous appearance on an Australian talk show in 1980

Grey Gardens (7.7) – Re-release of famed 1975 documentary about an eccentric mother/daughter combo. The director Albert Maysles, only passed away just a few days ago.


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  1. Well done, Marco.
    James Randi is awesome, I just watched a YouTube video of him.
    Still can’t believe Chappie is as bad as they’re saying.

  2. I saw Chappie yesterday and it really is about as bad as they say. The VFX is top notch and the last quarter of the movie is thrilling, but the first three quarters are nearly insufferable.

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