Films that opened in America May 29-31 2015


Aloha (IMDB rating 5.3) – I saw the trailer for this a few weeks ago and found it nails-on-a-blackboard to sit through so am not terribly surprised it’s been critically panned and a financial flop. But more interesting than the film itself is in the context of Cameron Crowe’s directorial career. Almost all the reaction I’ve read is one of great disappointment and regret that this is his film career has reached this point. Clearly he’s one of the most liked and respected current filmmakers within the film industry (probably moreso than he is by the wider public).

I’ve read reviewers make the analogy between this film and Billy Wilder’s ‘Buddy Buddy’ (Crowe interviewed Wilder for a book) but I think a better one is James L Brook’s dismal ‘How Do You Know’. Respected, somewhat middlebrow directors who went off the rails in the 2000s and now seem an irrelevance in the 2010s.

San Andreas (6.7) – This disaster film has been a box office hit and seems highly inconsequential. I sense the generally positive critical reviews have an element of “We’ll give this a pass because we don’t want seem to be sour about too many blockbusters this year”. Also read one review saying it was a pleasing throwback to that spurt of 1990s disaster flicks like Deep Impact – who on earth remembers them?

Gemma Bovery (6.4) – This French/English film has such a contrived plot that you almost admire it for being so audacious. An elderly Frenchman sees an English couple move into their town and becomes convinced they’re the same characters from a famous 19th century novel (because they share the same surname apparently). Reviews have been moderate although those who like pictraesque French villages should be pleased.

Results (6.0) – Judging by the trailer, a romantic dramedy involving a trio of people (two men, one woman). Most notable thing from the trailer is that even though American made, Guy Pearce is using his Australian accent. Apparently got a bit of heat from the Sundance film festival although in truth that rarely leads to being a major breakout hit.

Heaven Knows What (5.5) – Based on the personal experiences of star Arielle Holmes, the story of her and friends suffering through herion addiction. The low imdb score can probably be ignored (very few votes and no comments) as the very high RT rating (94%) shows is a more viable guide. However call me a cynic but movies about despair associated with drug addiciton are usually can’t miss in the eyes of critics. The more harrowing it is the more critical points it usually gets


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