Opened in America June 12-14, 2015


Only a couple of films this week:

Jurassic World (IMDB rating 7.7) – The success of this film reminds me of the record cover of a Fatboy Slim 1990s cover where a young man was wearing a t-shirt saying “I’m No. 1 so why try harder”.

After all, the word-of-mouth in the leadup to its release suggested it was going to be underwhelming. This has been followed up by the  reviews and public reaction ranging from “You’ll have a good time but it’s no match for the original” to “forgettable tripe”. And our very own contributor Nick was hostile in his brief views of the film

And yet despite that it’s exceeded all box office expectations (which were very high to begin with) and is close to being the biggest opening ever! If the studios can get this type of revenue from a film that seems to be coasting on the original 1993 film, why bother putting in the effort and money to make it a couple of levels better? It’s impossible to judge this without seeing it (which I probably won’t) but all signs point this to being a depressing success.

Me And Earl And the Dying Girl (8.3) – A high-school kid has his life changed when he befriends (is forced to by his parents) a teenage girl who is diagnosed with cancer. A popular hit at Sundance and doing very well critically, this could potentially be a breakout hit. I must admit going by the trailer it doesn’t seem particularly appealing to me; starting with the title it seems self-consciously clever and ‘culty’. And I notice that the lead characters spend their time doing parodies of classic films; is this something to get film critics (who would surely lap it up) onside?


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  1. I’m going to make a bold prediction right now: Universal is going to date the Jurassic World sequel for June 8th, 2018 – which is currently occupied by WB’s Godzilla 2.

    WB will blink, of course. I’m still not convinced Godzilla 2 is even going to happen.

  2. I don’t buy for a second that Trevorrow just coasted on the original. He and Connelly tried as hard as they could – they’re just not Steven Spielberg and 90s era David Koepp. It’s an extremely dumb movie – in terms of logic and various plot points, but very fun. Act Three is amazing.

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