Films that opened June 19-21 2015 in America


Inside Out (IMDB rating 8.9) – Already a huge critical and financial success, this animated film seems to have allayed fears among many that Pixar’s best days were behind it. Highly favourable review from our own Joe Webb as well.

Dope (7.4) – This teen story has gotten very good critical responses and while the film subject doesn’t really interest me much, I can’t deny the trailer is pretty snappy. One thing that confused me about the trailer is that I wasn’t sure whether it was set in the 1990s or in the present day (and populated by characters with 90s stylings).

Any Body Can Dance 2 (6.2) – Sequel to a popular Indian dance film from 2013.

The Overnight (6.9) – Two couples meet and bond through their young children, which leads to an overnight party at one of their homes which soon turns pretty wild. Starring a goateed Adam Scott and Jason Schwartzman (haven’t watched him in a film for a while), going by the trailer it looks a fairly intriguing piece although there’s no guarantee it will get a cinema release in Australia.

Infinitely Polar Bear (7.1) – A manic-depressive father needs to save his family by showing himself as a responsible father (and as the trailer says incessantly, takes his lithium). Despite starring the always welcome Mark Ruffalo, the trailer seems so manipulative and corny that I would give this a pass. As an aside, 2001 star Keir Dullea makes a rare acting appearance in this film.

Eden (6.1) – French film about youth in the underground music scene of the 1990s.

Manglehorn (6.2) – As recently as the early 2000s, any new Al Pacino film would’ve been noteworthy due to his stature as an actor and that the film would be at least an attempt at something substantial. But he’s starred in a lot of dross in recent years so it’s little surprise this is getting such a limited release (and not great critical reaction either). Going by the trailer, Pacino’s performance seems atypically understated and Pacino seems like he should be Holly Hunter’s father, not trying to have a romantic relationship with her.

The Tribe (7.4) – Ukraine drama about a deaf teenager trying to adjust to a boarding school.

The New Rijksmuseum – The Film (7.5) – Dutch documentary about the renovation and rebuilding of a famous national museum.

Gabriel (6.7) – Drama starring Rory Culkin as a disturbed young man searching for his love. Going by the trailer, this seems to be set right in the middle of the cliches of indy cinema.


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