Films that opened in America, June 26-28 2015


Ted 2 (imdb rating 7.1) – I saw the first Ted film and largely loathed it. And while that film was a big hit and mysteriously well received by fans and critics, I’m not surprised this sequel has underperformed. Not just because the reviews have been nowhere near as positive and not just because this has all the hallmarks of a lazy, cash-in sequel. But because Seth MacFarlane is such a smug personality that it’s easy for people to go off him and his films (as occurred with his flop western).

Max (7.3) – About a dog who worked with the US military overseas who has challenges when it returns home. In previous generations this probably would’ve starred a Lassie-type (or Benji, or Rin Tin Tin) in a much gentler context but these are different times we live in.

Escobar: Paradise Lost (6.6) – A young man holidaying in Colombia falls in love with a young lady… who happens to be related to infamous drug kingpin Pablo Esobar

Big Game (5.4) – Produced in Finland, a young teenager in the Finnish woods has to help save the US President when his plane is crashed, with Samuel L Jackson as the President no less. Looking at the plot and trailer, this looks like slop from all angles but that doesn’t surprise as Jackson has appeared in a lot of junk for years and is still lazily trading off his persona from Pulp Fiction

Runoff (8.4) – US rural drama which has gotten some good reviews.

A Borrowed Identity (7.4) –  Israeli film about a boy of Palestinan-Israeli descent dealing with various challenges and difficulties while at a boarding school

A Little Chaos (6.3) – A British period drama starring Kate Winslet (although set in France) has at first glance all the makings of being an acclaimed prestige picture, even an Oscar contender. But this film had its US release delayed, has had a lukewarm critical reception and now suffers the fate of getting a VOD release at the same time of its cinema release, so this is likely to sink without trace.

Kate Winslet had a great run of quality (and financial) film work from the mid 1990s to late 2000s, but hasn’t had anything of real note so far this decade.


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  1. Ted 2 was clearly a contractual obligation in order to get West made. It’s not awful, just doesn’t really need to exist. And MacFarlane and company bite off a story bigger than they can chew. The first was much simpler and 1,000 times tighter.

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