AGEBOC ’15 July 24-26


Slim further extends his lead. This is quite the repeat of 2014

Predict the #1 film of the weekend.

The one who predicts closest to the total Friday to Sunday gross for the #1 film wins 4 points. Runner-up gains 2 points. Predicting within half a million earns 2 extra points.

Bonus Questions:

1. Which movie will be #2?

2. Which movie will have the better hold (lower percentage drop) in its 2nd weekend: Ant-Man or Trainwreck?

Deadline is Thursday July 23rd 11:59pm blog time

To find out the rules of the game, go to the main thread for AGEBOC 09.

Current Rankings:

Jackrabbit Slim – 33.5

James – 27
Rob – 25
Marco – 15.5
Joe – 15.5
Juan – 11.5
Nick – 6.5


12 responses »

  1. If last night’s previews were any indication: the only person to correctly answer a question this week would be Juan with Bonus #1. Neither Pixels or Paper Towns will be #1.

  2. Ok, early shows are better and Pixels has a shot at finishing #1 in the mid-high 20’s. Paper Towns should be somewhere in the teens.

  3. If Pixels hangs on to beat Ant-Man, Juan wins easily with Joe in second. Ant-Man would be bonus 1, and Trainwreck bonus 2 (44 percent drop to 59)

  4. Ant-Man pulls it out! I forget what happens when nobody gets the number one movie. Also, no one will be correct on bonus 2, but everybody gets a half-point for Trainwreck.

  5. Actuals-
    1 Ant-Man $24,909,332 -56.5%
    2 Pixels Sony $24,011,616
    3 Minions Uni. $22,933,960
    4 Trainwreck Uni. $17,281,950 -42.6%

    Jackrabbit Slim
    Pixels, 39 million
    1. Paper Towns
    2. Trainwreck +0.5

    PIXELS – $49.52m
    1) ANT-MAN
    2) TRAINWRECK +0.5

    Pixels – $35m +2
    1. Ant-Man
    2. Trainwreck +0.5

    Pixels $37m
    1. Minions
    2. Trainwreck +0.5

    Pixels – $33 million +4
    1. Minions
    2. Trainwreck +0.5

    Paper Towns 30 million
    Trainwreck +0.5

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