Movies Opening in New Haven – Weekend of August 8th, 2015


Fantastic Four: Critically-savaged superhero reboot from Chronicle Director Josh Trank. The production of this film has been plagued by bad buzz and delicious rumors.  The inevitable Vanity Fair article should be excellent.

I can’t remember too many cases where a Director has publicly attacked their own picture on opening night, so you have to give Trank points for originality there.

Rotten Tomatoes: 9%, Metacritic: 27%

Personal interest factor: 5.  And only because I love trainwrecks.

Shaun the Sheep Movie: Another critically acclaimed Aardman feature for American audiences to ignore completely.  Based on early returns (it’s already in 8th place at the box office) Lionsgate must be questioning their decision to give this a wide theatrical release.   Day-and-date limited theatrical/VOD would have been the way to go here.

Rotten Tomatoes: 99%, Metacritic: 81%

Personal interest factor: 7

Ricki and the Flash: Hey, did you know that Meryl Streep’s real life daughter (Mamie Gummer) plays her on-screen child for the first time in this unfortunately-named picture?  I do, because it seems to be the film’s only selling point based on the latest, desperate commercials unleashed by the studio.

Rotten Tomatoes: 59% Metacritic: 54%

Personal interest factor: 2

The Gift: Cool-looking suspense picture from first time director (and star) Joel Edgerton.  Jason Bateman and and Rebecca Hall star as a couple terrorized by a former high school classmate.

There’s apparently a major twist that the studio has been all too happy to tease.  Curious to find out what it is.

Rotten Tomatoes: 91% Metacritic: 78%

Personal interest factor: 9


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  1. THE GIFT is pretty great. Dark, nasty and never lets its theme/message get in the way of the thrills and suspense. FANTASTIC FOUR is a bust, but worse, it’s not an entertaining one. Just so dull, jumbled and misguided.

  2. The Fantastic Four brand is so damaged at this point that I’d imagine FOX could just let the rights lapse. I’m not sure of the legalities: but I wonder if a film revolving around a supporting character like The Silver Surfer would satisfy the agreement?

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