Movies Opening in New Haven – Weekend of August 21st, 2015


With this batch of releases that should have probably gone DTV (or in some cases – not made at all) it’s safe to say that Summer has pretty much concluded.  With that in mind, I’d love for us to share how we’d rank the season’s releases in the comments below.

Anyway, things are really bad in our nation’s multiplexes and they aren’t going to get much better until mid-September…but we’re in good shape after that!

American Ultra: The weekend’s most promising release stars Jessie Eisenberg as aimless stoner who discovers he’s a highly lethal government sleeper agent.  Nima Nourizadeh (Project X) directs from a screenplay by Max Landis (the excellent found footage picture, Chronicle).

Somewhat excited for this, although I have to say that there’s a somewhat off-putting low-budget look to this thing that’s throwing me off.  I actually thought it was going day-and-date until the film’s relentless/desperate television campaign kicked in a few weeks back.

Also troubling: “Bad Movie Sign” Hall of Famer Topher Grace co-stars.

Rotten Tomatoes: 46%, Metacritic: 50%

Personal interest factor: 5.

Sinister 2: Ethan Hawke-less horror sequel.  I’ve heard great things about the original, but this appears to be nothing but a terrible cash grab.

Rotten Tomatoes: 13%, Metacritic: 30%

Personal interest factor: 0

Hitman: Agent 47: Remake or reboot or something of 2007’s classic bald assassin picture, Hitman. Rupert Friend steps into Paul Walker’s shoes, who was set to step into original franchise star Timothy Olyphant’s shoes before his tragic death (Walker’s, not Olyphant’s).

What’s really strange is that I initially typed “Cirian Hands” in place of “Rupert Friend” above, not necessarily realizing they were two different people.  But then I discovered that Hands is ALSO in the film.  Glitch in the Matrix?  Possibly.  Zachary Quinto co-stars for some reason.

Seems like a pure “we’ve got to make this in the next year or lose the rights!” production.  One thing that I loved about the original is that the Hitmen were part of a secret society who guarded the identity of their assassins by shaving their heads and tattooing massive barcodes on their skulls.  Totally discrete.

This looks similarly idiotic.

Rotten Tomatoes: 8% Metacritic: 29%

Personal interest factor: 0


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  1. My favorite film of the summer (so far) is Mr Holmes, but certainly the biggest winners artistically speaking are Inside Out and Mad Max: Fury Road. Financially, it’s Universal in a walk.

  2. Yeah, Universal dominated. A perfect storm of releases, excluding Ted 2.

    Favorite of the Summer would be Mad Max or Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation (probably the best in that series). Ant-Man and Jurassic World were flawed, but lots of fun.

    Worst would be Fantastic Four or Furious 7, although as an April release it’s not really a “Summer” movie by anyone’s definition.

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