Random Thread for October, 2015


The Autumn Wind is upon us!



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  1. Sorry to hear that, Marco. My year is going okay. Teaching sixth grade, taking two classes at UNLV, got a dog. Busy but trying to find time to go to movies. Today, The Martian.

  2. The Bill Murray film (Barry Levinson directed) ”Rock The Kasbah’ is opening this week and is getting horrible reviews.

    It seems like a dud film that will be quickly forgotten but what’s interesting to me is how negative & scathing the views I’ve read are towards Murray’s performance. Even in the poor films he’s appeared in recent decades he’s usually been absolved of blame & indeed has become universally beloved by critics and movie fans alike.

    But there haven’t been such negative views of a Murray performance since perhaps as far back as 1984’s The Razor’s Edge. Also a few reviews have commented on the tiredness of Murray’s formula (plays obnoxious jerk that gets redeemed at the end). It’s like this film may end the positive critical rep he’s had for decades overnight.

  3. Also a few reviews have commented on the tiredness of Murray’s formula (plays obnoxious jerk that gets redeemed at the end).

    I like Murray as much as anyone, but I basically felt that way about St. Vincent. Seemed phoned-in. It was a shitty script and Murray’s effort level seemed commensurate with that.

    Rock the Casbah looks dismal, but frankly anyone hitching their wagon to Barry Levinson in 2015 deserves whatever career fallout they get.

  4. Barry Levinson’s continued ability to get people to finance his films is just amazing.

    Since the Toys debacle in 1992 – he has only made four films (out of thirteen) that have a “Fresh” rating on RT. The most recent of which was way back in 2001.

    His average gross as a director is only 38m with a whole bunch of his movies costing double that.

  5. In a tribute to the enduring appeal of the Back To The Future trilogy, all three films in one session were screened yesterday in America and it was the most popular film at the box office, even beating out the huge popular hit The Martian.

  6. That’s pretty cool, actually. Despite Zemeckis’ insistence that Universal doesn’t revive/reboot/remake the property, you have to think the studio (and probably Spielberg) are looking at those numbers and seriously considering it.

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