Films that opened in America, October 4-6 2015


The Martian (IMDB rating 8.4) – This much anticipated  sci-fi film has delivered commercially and critically so far; so much so that there’s some talk it could be a Best Picture Oscar nominee. It’s certainly the most acclaimed Ridley Scott film for a long time. Despite a typically overly-detailed trailer, it’s a film I’ll probably look to catch over the next few weeks.

The Walk (8.0) – This true story of Frenchman Philippe Petit walking on high-wire between between the World Trade Center towers was covered to great acclaim late last decade in the documentary “Man On Wire”. It had so much acclaim that I think I was the only person not care for it too much when I reviewed it for this site! In part because I saw that, I’m not particularly interested in seeing this film.

Singh Is Bling (6.5) – Light-hearted Indian film that did pretty decent box office in its opening weekend in North America

Talvar (8.6) – An atypical Indian film in that instead of being light-hearted and musical it’s a serious murder mystery, this film has been getting good reviews

Hell & Back (4.6) – A stop-motion animated film with ‘adult’ humour is something that could potentially catch on, but very poor reaction from audiences and critics alike looks to have sunk it. Trailer is fairly uninspiring as well.

He Named Me Malaka (5.4) – Doco on a Pakistani schoolgirl surviving a Taliban attack after speaking out on education

Freeheld (5.9) – Considering topical subject matter – recent true story of a dying woman in a lesbian relationship looking to have benefits passed on to her female partner against legal obstruction before gay marriage was legalised – and a stellar cast, you’d think this could be an awards contender. But a tepid critical response appears to have ended that.

Shanghai (6.5) – Set in 1940s China this is an apt summation of how John Cusack’s career has declined recently – it’s only getting a small US release now even though it was released in China in June 2010

Labyrinth of Lies (7.4) – German film of the role German business and other sections of the establishment played in covering up Nazi crimes in WW2.

This Changes Everything  (7.5) – Based on a Naomi Wolf book, this documentary looks at the issue of climate change and how to tackle it. Amongst the producers are Danny Glover, Pamela Anderson and Seth MacFarlane!

Going Away (6.4) – French drama released in 2013 finally gets a US running. Notably has Dominque Sanda in the cast who was in some notable 1970s films.

Northern Soul (6.4) – Film set in 1970s England about local lads discovering American soul music. Steve Coogan has a supporting role. Trailer is appealing and it got good reviews when released in England last year

Shout Gladi Gladi (4.0) – Documentary narrated by Meryl Streep about African women overcoming stigmatising medical conditions


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