Random Thread for November, 2015


A couple of trailers for upcoming comedies that look remarkably unappealing:

  • Never been a fan of Seth Rogen’s work but this trailer for ‘The Night Before’ seems lazy even by his standards as it seems to fall back on his familiar tropes. Surprised Joseph Gordon-Levitt would appear in something like this.
  • After largely being on autopilot throughout the 2000s, Robert De Niro seems to have gotten back some verve and purpose to his acting in the past few years. Which is why this trailer for Dirty Grandpa is depressing as it looks even more of a throwaway than that boxing comedy he did with Stallone. Aubrey Plaza lusting after De Niro?!? Yikes.

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  1. I watched Airplane! for the first time in years recently. It holds up well pretty well & still has a lot of great gags but it does struggle a bit in the Ted/Elaine flashback segments.

  2. Post idea:
    What director or writer/director has had the most brilliant run of films in a row for the longest stretch? Just could do no wrong for the longest stretch?
    Ideas: Woody Allen, Quentin Tarantino, Scorsese, Coppola…………

  3. The WGA has voted the seven funniest scripts of all time: http://sploid.gizmodo.com/the-7-funniest-movies-of-all-time-1742354631

    I’m okay with this list. I never really cared for Airplane!, and Groundhog Day isn’t that funny (For Murray films I’d go with Ghostbusters), but it’s a decent list.

    I had a look at the full top 101 list and all things considered, it’s pretty good. Certainly don’t have any issues with the top 12. There are some odd ones there (Bridesmaids at 16?), they have “There’s Something About Mary” way too high (if it even deserves to be on the list and “Dumb And Dumber” too low. “Lost In America” & “The Odd Couple” could be higher and probably the most glaring omission from the list is “Fletch”.

    But still, a decent effort as these things go.

  4. Yeah, a pretty good list, though as a Woody Allen aficionado, to go all the way to number 60 before his next film (Sleepers, above Manhattan?) is odd. Glad to see Animal House getting love ,it should be in the top ten, and so should Duck Soup and Bringing Up Baby.

  5. I certainly can understand them having one of the Pink Panther movies in there (and perhaps could’ve had more) but it’s a bit odd they chose the original 1963 one which actually has far less gags (and is really only comic in Sellers’ smallish role) than the sequels. The next three films in the series all have better claims in terms of pure comedy imo.

  6. So while Marvel movies have been insanely lucrative and popular (some of the biggest of all time)…why hasn’t the Marvel formula translated to blockbuster television? While Marvel shows certainly aren’t failing, they’re not nearly as popular as the movies. …curious as to why.

  7. Ah…so we did talk about that. I did. Sorry. Would be cool to see a series of posts on that, too, though. Thanks for finding it.

  8. Yes,it should have launched with The Hunger Games last week but Joe and I hadn’t talked about who would be doing it. I’m not sure if there’s time for everyone to get in on the action for this week, so I’m thinking we just kick it off next Monday. We could probably run a contest just for Star Wars alone!

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