HAGEBOC 2015 – Weekend of December 6th, 2015



Welcome to HAGEBOC 2015!  Please join me in celebrating the holiday season by guessing how much money Star Wars, Star Wars, Star Wars and a few Oscar-bait dramas will earn between now and early January!

No change in the scoring system this year (4 points awarded to the person with the closest guess, 2 to the runner-up.  A 2 point bonus for being within 500k.  Bonus questions are worth 1/2 point each).


What will Creed earn over the December 6th weekend?


Will Krampus earn OVER or UNDER 13.5m this weekend?


Will The Good Dinosaur fall OVER or UNDER 55%?


Will Amazon’s first theatrical release, Spike Lee’s Chi-Raq, earn OVER or UNDER 500k this weekend?

Answers are due on Thursday, December 5th by 12:00 pm EST.  Good luck!


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  1. A box office prediction competition largely based on how films involving Rocky Balboa & Star Wars go – would’ve been pretty much the same game had it been done in the late 1970s!

    Hunger Games: $32m

    Krampus – Under

    The Good Dinosaur – Under

    Chi-Raq – Under

  2. Welcome folks. I’m a little confused by the numbers for Hunger Games and Good Dinosaur above. The main question this week is What Will Creed Earn for the weekend. Closest wins 4 points, etc.

    Doing it a little differently since there are no major releases this week.

  3. No, I think Good Dinosaur will earn 29 million

    The question is about Creed and not The Good Dinosaur – but ok, then!

  4. The question is about Creed and not The Good Dinosaur – but ok, then!

    Yeah, I kid. Just couldn’t log in and change it :) But I’ll just do like Marco and post a new one.

  5. Thanks Joe, I’m extending the time this week to make sure everyone gets in. Just waiting on “Juan” who is also west coast.

  6. Joe probably has some thoughts on this: what the heck happened to The Good Dinosaur?

    Terrible hold this weekend and (barring some miracle) – it will probably end up as the lowest grosser in Pixar history. And only 28m overseas.

    It’s like the entire planet decided they only wanted to support one Pixar movie this year.

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