HAGEBOC 2015 – Week Two



Excluding a nice hold by Creed (-49.4% with $14,989,303) and The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2s continued dominance, the big story this week is Krampus over-performing with $16.293,325.  A month ago, I’d have predicted that number for the film’s entire domestic run.

Sure the thing will probably drop 70% or something next weekend…but hey – no one can take that opening away from them.

Meanwhile, The Good Dinosaur (-60.9%) is going to successfully do something no Pixar film has done before: lose money. I feel a little bad for the film’s first time helmer, Peter Sohn, for breaking the streak. He’s had a long career working on some of Pixar’s biggest movies so hopefully he can recover from this and land another directing gig in the future.

Amazon’s debut theatrical release, Spike Lee’s Chi-Raq, debuted well with $1,198,356 at 305 locations.

Jackrabbit Slim – 5.5
Joe Webb – 2
Juan – 1
Nick – .5
James – .5
Marco – 0
Rob – 0


What will the long-delayed In the Heart of the Sea earn from Friday to Sunday? Closest wins 4 points, second closest 2 points. 2 bonus points for being within 250k.


Will The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part One fall OVER or UNDER 54% this weekend? (1 point awarded for correct answer)


Will Krampus fall OVER or UNDER 67.5% this weekend? (1 point awarded for correct answer)

Answers are due on Thursday, December 10thth by 3:00 pm EST.  Good luck!


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