Movies Opening in New Haven – Weekend of December 25th, 2015


Joy: Jennifer Lawrence builds a mop.  Based on a true story.

Would make a killer “inconsequential biopic” double feature with: that Greg Kinnear windshield wiper movie.

Rotten Tomatoes:: 58%, Metacritic: 55%

Personal interest factor: 5

Concussion: Will Smith discovers that sustaining frequent head injuries can have devastating long-term health consequences.  Based on a true story.

Would make a killer “well, duh” double feature with: that Richard Linklater movie about how the fast food industry is kinda gross.

Rotten Tomatoes:: 60%, Metacritic: 56%

Personal interest factor: 6

Daddy’s Home: Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg were great together in The Other Guys.  This is nothing like that.

Would make a killer “bland, recently-released Will Ferrell comedy” double feature with: that flick with Kevin Hart that was ripped off from a direct-to-video Rob Schneider film.

Rotten Tomatoes:: 29%, Metacritic: 42%

Personal interest factor: 1

Point Break100m dollar remake of a film that wasn’t successful to begin with.  How does this exist?

Would make a killer “2015 Warner Brothers’ financial disaster” double feature with: Jupiter Ascending? Pan? The Man from U.N.C.L.EIn the Heart of the Sea?

Rotten Tomatoes: 5%, Metacritic: 41%

Personal interest factor: 2



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  1. JOY really isn’t much of one to watch, but I think one of the more common criticisms (re: the terrible supporting characters) can be explained.

    Almost every character that isn’t Joy can be put into two piles:
    1) Saint
    2) lazy, no good, backstabbing fool

    Her grandmother falls in the former and almost every other character resides in the latter.

    It’s a terrible, simplistic way to look at the world, but it reminds me of how some very successful people I’ve known in life actually do look at things (basically: their mom is a saint but the vast majority of people they encounter on a daily basis aren’t as driven, intelligent or ethical as they are)

    So basically – Joy is a cynical, paranoid, egotistical jerk and we’re viewing the world through her eyes.

  2. This is going to sound crazy, but I mostly enjoyed the Point Break remake (certainly more than the 1991 film). It’s terrible, of course, but I found the way it took itself so seriously to be pretty endearing. The visuals are top notch.

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