Random Thread for February, 2016


“February made me shiver,
With each newspaper I’d deliver.
Bad news on the doorstep,
I couldn’t take one more step,
And I can’t remember if I cried,
When I read about his widowed bride.
But something touched me deep inside
The day the music died.”


About Jackrabbit Slim

Location: Vegas, Baby! I’m much older than the other whippersnappers here, a baby boomer. I tend to be more snobbish about film, disdaining a lot of the multiplex fare for “cinema.” My favorite films: Woody Allen’s oeuvre (up until about 1990), The Godfather, The Graduate, A Hard Day’s Night, Pulp Fiction. Politics: Well, George McGovern was my political hero. I’m also a prickly atheist. Occupation: Poised to be an English teacher in Las Vegas. For many years I was an editor at Penthouse Magazine. My role on this blog seems to be writing lots of reviews and being the resident Oscar maven.

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  1. By the way, one annoying thing about WordPress and I don’t know how long it’s been doing this, but you have to find and uncheck “Uncategorized” in the categories. It should automatically remove when you select a category, but of course not.

  2. Amazon really wants to be in the Woody Allen business. Last year they signed him for his first television series (in which he’ll star with Miley Cyrus of all people) and now Amazon has paid 15m for the rights to his next feature starring Blake Lively, Kristen Stewart, Steve Carell and Jessie Eisenberg.

    The Hollywood Reporter article notes that Allen actually financed a portion of this film out of his own pocket after cost overruns, so Amazon definitely did him a solid by paying 3x what Sony did for Irrational Man.

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