Movies Opening in New Haven – Weekend of February 12th, 2016


Deadpool: After years of starring roles in underperforming studio pictures, Ryan Reynolds’ entire career rides on the success of this FOX superhero adaptation.  Lucky for him this made close to 48m on Friday and should shatter the R-rated opening weekend record with ease!  He lives to fight another day (at least in endless Deadpool sequels.)

Rotten Tomatoes: 84%, Metacritic: 65%

Personal interest factor: 6

Zoolander 2: Far-too-late comedy sequel from folks who lost their edge sometime during the first W. administration. This will open lower than the 2001 film unadjusted for inflation.

Topic for further discussion: what is wrong with Paramount Pictures?  Excluding the Transformers and Mission Impossible franchises, they haven’t had much success with…well, anything in a decade.

Rotten Tomatoes: 22%, Metacritic: 35%

Personal interest factor: 6

Where to Invade Next: Michael Moore’s latest is opening pretty quietly.  It’s such a half-assed effort that I’m curious why they didn’t just go for a day-and-date digital rollout. Having the opposition party in power tends to make him a little more focused as a promoter, so I’d expect a big splash for his first Trump-era project.

Rotten Tomatoes: 75%, Metacritic: 63%

Personal interest factor: 7

How to Be Single: Rebel Wilson comedy.

Rotten Tomatoes: 49%, Metacritic:52%

Personal interest factor: 1

For classic fare: The Criterion in New Haven is running Say Anything (1989) Friday and Saturday evening and It Happened One Night (1934) Saturday and Sunday morning.


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  1. I know all the focus box-office wise is on Deadpool (massive opening weekend in Australia as well) but for mine the most fascinating box office result was the lackluster response to Michael Moore’s latest doco. Considering the wave he rode from Bowling to Columbine and peaking with the phenomenon of Farenheit 9/11, his decline into public apathy towards his work since then is fascinating to see.

  2. Part of the reason might have been he had to curtail his pitching the film due to almost dying of pneumonia last week. But he’s run his course as a liberal spokesman, except for the true believers.

  3. I’m not sure I’d write him off yet. If Trump or Cruz become President he could be inspired to make something great again.

  4. I don’t know about that. That he’s been largely absent (from a filmmaking perspective anyway) during the Obama era when there are massive social and financial problems within America (that Sanders has tapped into) I think means that, as JS suggests, his time is over. As well, I think his defence of the viewpoints of Zero Dark Thirty damaged his reputation quite a bit, especially amongst what used to be his core audience.

  5. He’s still a fairly notable presence among left-wingers like me. But then again, I follow him on Facebook. The crisis in Flint, his home town, brought him back in the limelight.

  6. The Flint water crisis would seem to be an ideal subject for him. Literally “going home again” with a semi-sequel to Roger and Me.

  7. I agree that topic would be something Moore could excel it but there are still issues there. Namely, that in the past decade the documentary as a cinema film genre has grown significantly in terms of popularity (although not to the level Moore had at his peak) and sophistication. I just reckon Moore’s style of putting himself in the centre of the film and his confrontations with unwilling interviewees – which seemed fresh and amusing back in the day – now would seem irritating and old-hat. I think many would just prefer a straight investigative take on what has gone wrong with the water in Flint.

    As well, Moore isn’t a young man anymore (62 in a couple of months) and, as JS mentioned, had some serious health issues recently and he isn’t the fittest person in the world. Putting in the effort to make a documentary (and promoting it) may be something he isn’t willing to do much of in the future.

  8. Now that Deadpool is a smash hit, and with the monkey-see/monkey-do of Hollywood, I’m sure we can expect more R-rated superhero films. Wolverine 3 is supposed to be the next. So will Logan be saying shit and fuck and making a stop at a strip club?

  9. Saw ‘How To Be Single’ which I admired more than enjoyed.

    I’ve commented a fair bit about how recent films supposedly about present-day society and mores feel like they could’ve been made 30 years ago. To it’s credit, HTBS feels like a film dealing with the life of choices for urban, middle-class single women in mid-2010s life. That makes more unpredictable than expected, right down to the finale and what happens to Johnson’s character which I didn’t expect.

    But having said that, there are a lot of problems with the film and is only intermittently entertaining. It still indulges in a lot of laziness – a career-minded doctor in her 30s decides to have a child because she’s won over by a cute baby which she sees in her work all the time?!?

    And the closing scenes indulge in one of the laziest cliches – a pregnant character suddenly having her water burst leads to wacky slapstick and madness in trying to get to the hospital, as it never occurs in real life.

    Overall, the film isn’t too bad although it relies a lot on Rebel Wilson’s now patented ‘outrageous’ behaviour to get through the film’s slow spots.

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