Movies Opening in New Haven – Weekend of February 19th, 2016


The Witch: Critically acclaimed chiller from first time director Robert Eggers.  I’m intrigued by the setting (1630’s New England) and the decision, ala The Revenant, to shoot with mostly natural light.

Rotten Tomatoes:: 88%, Metacritic: 83%

Personal interest factor: 8

Race: Jessie Owens at The 1936 Berlin Olympics, brought to you by C-list talent.  Director Stephen Hopkins’ last US theatrical release was the laughable Hillary Swank horror picture, The Reaping, which opened nine years ago.

Rotten Tomatoes:: 61%, Metacritic: 57%

Personal interest factor: 2

Risen: Unofficial The Passion of the Christ sequel starring nearly 50-year-old Cliff Curtis as Jesus.  From the director of Waterworld.

Rotten Tomatoes:: 58%, Metacritic: 51%

Personal interest factor: 1


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  1. Stephen Hopkins has sure had an unusual and varied (if not particularly impressive) directorial career. Seems like the last person you’d be choosing for a film like Race, albeit he did direct a Peter Sellers biopic (which I didn’t care for much).

  2. I really liked Judgment Night and the energy of Predator 2 (even if the film isn’t great) but Lost in Space is an unforgivable sin.

    I don’t remember Ghost in the Darkness very well, but I think it was ok. Maybe?

    He’s had a very successful career in television (24, House of Lies, Californication) which is probably a better fit.

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