Movies Opening in New Haven – Weekend of April 8th, 2016


Happy 1 million+ views, Gone Elsewhere!

There’s not really much of interest opening this week, so I’ll keep this mercifully short.  Best bet is probably Karyn Kusama’s The Invitation (RT: 91%, MC: 76%) which is available digitally beginning today.

The Boss:  Melissa McCarthy / Kristen Bell comedy.

Despite the reviews, strong Friday numbers indicate that McCarthy’s winning streak should continue this weekend.  It will probably be down to the wire to see if this or the floundering Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice earns the weekend’s top spot.

Rotten Tomatoes:: 19%, Metacritic: 40%

Personal interest factor: 1

Hardcore HarryFirst-person action film, probably best enjoyed with an ice cold Red Bull and brain damage. Critics are applauding the picture’s inventiveness but lamenting the barely-there script’s weaknesses. Bad movie sign Hall of Famer Sharlto Copley and Tim Roth are the only recognizable names in the cast.

Rotten Tomatoes:: 55%, Metacritic: 51%

Personal interest factor: 2

DemolitionJake Gyllenhaal is earning high marks for his work as a destructive (literally) widower, but the film apparently can’t decide if it’s an edgy indie or a feel-good studio picture. Why Fox Searchlight is going wide with this is a mystery to me.  Jean-Marc Vallee (Dallas Buyer’s Club, Wild) directs.

Rotten Tomatoes:: 52%, Metacritic: 50%

Personal interest factor: 2


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  1. …the film apparently can’t decide if it’s an edgy indie or a feel-good studio picture.

    Sounds like it’ll fit in perfectly with Vallee’s last two films.

  2. Sounds like it’ll fit in perfectly with Vallee’s last two films.

    I never got around to Dallas Buyer’s Club for some reason. I guess I should see it for the performances.

    The Boss got a lower RT rating than Tammy and the same as Identity Thief? Must be really dire (which it looked like based on the trailer).

    McCarthy is an incredibly reliable opener (which is a rare thing in 2016) but she’s going to need to make some major adjustments if that’s going to continue. There are plenty of successful comic actors who eventually destroyed their careers by not focusing on quality.

  3. A couple of years ago while on holiday (mainly because of lack of choice) I saw McCarthy’s ‘Tammy’. And I was on holiday interstate last week and after deciding to go to the cinema with the wife and friends, the agreed upon option was… McCarthy’s ‘The Boss’! So despite not being a fan of her solo work I always happen to see it!

    While admittedly a very low bar, ‘The Boss’ is better than Tammy or Identity Thief. Whereas Tammy was bordering on inept in its direction at times, The Boss (despite having the same director) is much more slick and lively and isn’t bad at times (especially in the first half).

    But all the faults in McCarthy’s previous films are still there – crude humour and ‘shock’ language (is any language shocking in 2016?) in abundance to cover the lack of wit, McCarthy playing a thoroughly obnoxious character that gets a completely unconvincing and sentimental change-of-heart in the latter stages, awkward mix of trying for real character dynamics and absurdish type humour…

    While The Boss is an improvement on some of McCarthy’s previous comic efforts, it’s another sign she’ll always take the easy option (and most crude) in her films.

    One other thing: Ella Anderson is impressive playing Kristen Bell’s 10 year old daughter. A talent to watch out for.

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