AGEBOC 2016 (Week Three) May 20th-22nd



Joe – 9
James -5
Juan – 3
Jackrabbit Slim – 3
Marco – 2

WEEKEND OF MAY 20th, 2016:

What will The Angry Birds Movie gross the weekend of May 20th, 2016? Closest guess earns 4 points.  Second closest earns 2 points.  Within 250k earns 2 extra points.


What will Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising gross the weekend of May 20th, 2016?  Closest guess earns 2 points.  Second closest earns 1 point.


What will The Nice Guys gross the weekend of May 20th, 2016?  Closest guess earns 2 points.  Second closest earns 1 point.

Answers are due on Thursday, May 19th by 12:00 pm EST.  Good luck!


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  1. I will say that I thought The Angry Birds craze was long over (my 8 year old’s fascination peaked around 4 years ago and it was passé by the time my youngest became amazed by phones) but I’ve lost count of how many kids or their parents have told me they want to see the movie.

    There’s definitely Zootopia/Jungle Book levels of anticipation among a certain age group so a fairly big opening might be in store.

  2. Hi there from Trieste, Italy :-) Could you please tell me where can I find the rules of this game? Paolo

  3. I wonder whether Neighbors 2 will go against the box office curse that Chloe Grace Moretz has brought to virtually all her films (bar The Equalizer)? Even something as critically acclaimed as Hugo did pretty poorly BO wise.

    Angry Birds $47m
    1. $30m
    2. $24m

  4. Deadline from now on is 6:00 pm EST the day guesses are due. Even I missed the 12 pm deadline today and it’s too early for the west coast folks.

  5. The Angry Birds Movie – $41 million

    Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising – $35 million

    The Nice Guys – $18 million

  6. I’ll take my extra 2 points, thank you very much!! James struck paydirt with Bonus #1 & 3 (where was 2? The world may never know)

  7. Sorry for the late post, was on vacation:

    Angry Birds Movie
    JOE + 6

    Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising
    JAMES +2
    MARCO +1

    The Nice Guys
    JAMES +2
    JOE +1

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