Random Thread for September, 2016


Jackie Chan is receiving an honorary Oscar: https://www.yahoo.com/news/jackie-chan-anne-coates-lynn-stalmaster-frederick-wiseman-160829887.html


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  1. Wow, that is wonderful news! I really hope they stuff her reel with footage of Amy (preferably talking) and Laura Linney using a diamond laser gun to brutally mow down hordes of charging, hyper-intelligent/aggressive gorillas.

    Too bad about Polito. 65 is much too young.

  2. For those of you in the know, what are the best couple of Jackie Chan films to view? I’m not talking about his American shit like the Rush Hour films. The Legend of Drunken Master?

  3. A lot of people are into Legend of Drunken Master (which is actually Drunken Master 2), and it’s worth watching for Chan’s amazing physicality, but for me it comes down to three films – Police Story, Supercop (aka Police Story 3: Super Cop), and Operation Condor (aka Armour of God II: Operation Condor).

    Police Story is the one that made the world take notice. The stunts are a little simpler, a littler purer perhaps, but still spectacular. Chan’s charm is also on display without it being turned up to 12 like in most of his later efforts.

    Supercop, which you don’t need to have seen Police Story to get, is Chan fully scaled up in action and comedy. It contains many of his best known stunts, including a jaw-dropping helicopter sequence, and Michelle FUCKING Yeoh.

    Operation Condor, which you don’t need to have seen Armour of God to get, is Chan’s James Bond and Indiana Jones films all wrapped in one epic adventure. For me the giant fan sequence is Chan’s most spectacular.

    Worth mentioning – you’ll find Chan as his comedic best in Twin Dragons, in which, you guessed it, he plays twins who get in all kinds of trouble as they’re constantly mistaken for each other. There are also several late 90s films he made in Australia post-Rush Hour that feature some of his more complex stunts. The plots are clunky as shit – the film’s were written around the stunts, but instead of keeping it simple there’s all sorts of espionage and double crosses and stuff that just isn’t needed – but the action is as intricate as Chan’s done. I’d highlight Mr. Nice Guy and Who Am I?

  4. Kidding aside, no idea what happened there. I’m assuming Filmman copied your post to quote it, but then didn’t type (or accidentally lost) his own content somewhere in the process.

  5. Yes, what Juan said!

    I would also add Rumble In The Bronx simply for the fact that it was what brought Chan to mainstream America – his “crossover” film, if you will – and First Strike which has phenomenal stunts

    Also, I believe Jackie does all of his own dubbing/voiceover, so even if you get the English versions you’re at least getting Jackie’s own voice!

  6. Of course it was on purpose. Those were awesome recommendations. I’ve always wanted to check out Chan but he felt too cartoony to me. Those films sound awesome.

  7. I really liked Star Trek Beyond. But Paramount is having one of the worst years in studio history and I can’t imagine these executives (or the ones that replace them) are going to want to revisit 2016’s disappointments with sequels.

    To date, Star Trek Beyond has earned 173.5m less than Star Trek Into Darkness (a 82m drop domestic). That’s alarming. How low would a theoretical fourth film go?

    Now, what Star Trek does have going for it is the support of JJ Abrams and that Paramount has nothing to replace it with. I could easily see them rebooting The Next Generation as a theatrical franchise with younger cast.

  8. Interesting charts. Supporting paragraphs all seem to say that the-numbers.com’s numbers are probably high. While Disney racked up 3 of those top 10 bombs they also have 4 of the top 4 grossing movies of the year worldwide (one original, one remake, two sequels). They’re on all charts!

  9. I feel bad for Pete’s Dragon. Folks that saw it really seemed to like it but Disney kind of dumped it in August when it was a Fall / Christmas movie.

  10. I can’t imagine how Rumble in the Bronx slipped my mind. It’s really the perfect Chan gateway drug. If you watch it and dig it, then you know you’re good to jump back to early stuff like Police Story.

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