Random Thread for November, 2016


Anything but the election.


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  1. HAGEBOC is coming, first week in November seemed a little early to me. We typically aim for the week before Thanksgiving (when The Hunger Games entries opened) and Fantastic Beasts has that spot this year. Seems like a good way to kick things off.

  2. Hageboc doesn’t seem particularly important right now, haha.

    Anyway, Slim – I’m with you re: avoiding Facebook for a few days or so. The crowing on one side (and occasional histrionics on the other) are making it a miserable place to visit.

    Bottom line is that it’s going to be a long four years, but now is the time to dust ourselves off and figure out how to right the ship.

  3. Yeah, I watched it a second time and it looks even more intriguing. Very Fifth Element-esque, which is a very good thing.
    Have you guys seen Angel-A? Lucy was okay, but Angel-A was his last great Luc Besson film that looked and played like early Luc Besson.
    Have you guys ever seen The Big Blue?

  4. I haven’t seen Angel-A or The Big Blue. I didn’t like Lucy at all, but I really liked La Femme Nikita and The Professional.

  5. I’m incredibly excited to see that Nikki Finke is taking over Mediaite. DC isn’t going to know what hit them! Go Nikki!

  6. Marvel has been killing it since The Winter Soldier (excluding the less-than-stellar Avengers sequel) so I’m pretty excited for almost all of the upcoming films.

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