HAGEBOC 2016 – Week Two



Someone needs to come up with a new logo

Joe Webb – 4
Nick – 2
Juan – 0
Jackrabbit Slim – 0
James – 0
Marco – 0
Rob – 0

HAGEBOC – November 25-27, 2016:

What will Moana gross Fri-Sun? Closest wins 4 points, second closest 2 points. 2 bonus points for being within 500k.


Guess the top 3 – in order – movies on Thanksgiving Day only. (1 point awarded for each correct answer)

Answers are due on Thursday, November 24th by 10:00 pm blog time.  Good luck!


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  1. Last week’s question was only the Fantastic Beasts gross
    ACTUAL: $74,403,387

    Jackrabbit Slim
    Fantastic Beasts: 82 m

    Fantasy bests 77 million +2

    Joe Webb
    $72.72m…Final answer! +4

  2. My only suggestion: since not everyone received the questions last week (Juan and Rob in particular) I think this should be an official “starting from zero” for everyone. I’ll take -2 points as punishment for screwing everything up.

  3. I thought I was checking the site regularly, but thanks for the email and DM (James and Joe) letting me know it’s started!

    MOANA – $64.9m

    Moana > Fantastic Beasts > Allied

  4. Everyone can decide on the week 1 point thing, but the first week was advertised to 5 of our 7 regular players (6 of 8 if you count our original Brian) yet only 3 of those participated. I didn’t know the other two were not included (behind the scenes…off Facebook) so that is definitely a bummer.

    I’ll wait for actuals to edit in the points for this week but here are the entries:

    Actuals for the weekend: 1. Moana – $56,631,401
    Thanksgiving Day: 1. Moana 2. Fantastic Beasts 3. Dr. Strange

    Jackrabbit Slim
    Moana: 72 million.
    Bonus: 1. Moana 2. Fantastic Beasts 3. Trolls +2

    Moana 69
    Bonus: Moana, Fantastic, Trolls +2

    Joe Webb
    Moana – $65.432m
    BONUS: 1. Moana 2. Fantastic Beasts 3. Allied +2

    Moana – $72.1m
    Moana +1
    Bad Santa 2

    MOANA – $64.9m
    Moana > Fantastic Beasts > Allied +2

    Moana – $63 million +4
    Moana +1
    Fantastic Beasts +1

    Moana – 49m +2
    Moana +1
    Fantastic Beasts +1
    Dr. Strange +1

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