Random Thread for May, 2017


Is anyone running AGEBOC ’17?


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  1. I thought since this post sparked you take the helm that my guess was included. I haven’t visited since I posted this until today. Should have let you know…my bad!

  2. I was really surprised re: Grey. Had no idea. It’s a shame his career low had to come right at the end, rough few months for a guy that was on top of the world for the majority of his professional life.

  3. Roger Moore has passed away at the age of 89. Much derided as an actor but he had a pretty impressive and lengthy career even without the Bond films.

    Pretty amazing actually that considering how long the series has gone on for, that all the actors who officially played Bond were alive till now.

  4. Two filmmakers in their 70’s returning to beloved properties decades later. One (David Lynch) completely reinvents his creation and delivers some of the best work of his career. The other (Ridley Scott) treads water while pretending he’s doing something groundbreaking.

  5. And speaking of Roger Moore, as I look over the seven Bond films he was in (a record), I realize I saw all of them in theaters, although Moonraker was a college theater. I’m still amazed someone made a movie called Octopussy.

  6. Where’s June’s Random Thread? Come on, people, let’s get on it.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: EdTV is an underrated, very good comedy film with some very emotional moments that hit great thanks to a somewhat adept hand at directing that Ron Howard used to possess. It holds up and though it has a chance to be incredibly overlong, it works on all levels and points a very strong finger at modern reality television and what drives people today to not act as the characters did, and who could possibly handle this as personalities do today, simply for celebrity.

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