Best of 2017 so far


Obviously Monster Trucks takes the top spot, but shall we discuss the others in the comments?


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  1. 1. John Wick: Chapter 2
    2. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
    3. Kong: Skull Island

  2. I’d rank Skull Island over both of those, although it’s far from perfect. I still don’t understand why John Goodman is even in the thing given how little he has to do.

    John Wick Chapter 2 was a lot of fun, enjoyed it a lot more than the original. We’ve discussed Guardians before, just not for me.

  3. Even though I’ve seen 24 releases this year, I couldn’t recommend 10 of them. So here’s my top nine instead:

    Get Out
    The Lego Batman Movie
    Kong: Skull Island
    The Fate of the Furious
    I Don’t Feel at Home in this World Anymore
    John Wick 2
    Personal Shopper

    Worst was that CGI Smurfs movie I’ve already removed from memory and most disappointing was Alien Covenant.

  4. I’m having trouble coming up with one. I think it may be Wonder Woman, or Kong: Skull Island. Certainly there have been no Best Picture nominees released yet.

  5. Certainly there have been no Best Picture nominees released yet.

    Wouldn’t ‘Get Out’ be at least a chance of a Best Picture Oscar nomination, especially if there are disappointing prestige films in the latter half of the year?

    Universal critical acclaim and a massive response from the public plus being considered a very timely film suggests it’s in the running in this stage to me.

  6. Anything can happen but horror movies have a hard time getting nominated, even in the expanded era. I also don’t think it’s all that great (it’s a racial spin on The Stepford Wives) but of course I don’t have a vote.

  7. I thought it was excellent, but it was released so early in the year that it’s at a disadvantage come awards time. Never say never, of course.

  8. It seems likely to me that Universal would spend a little comes awards time to keep it in the mix. Seems like a solid political move if nothing else, especially since the movie made money hand over fist.

  9. Peele just signed an overall deal with Universal as well, so I wouldn’t be shocked if there was a guarantee of an Awards Season push in there.

  10. With the new membership skewing younger and less-white, Get Out may be a contender. But I think the first serious contender, in that it is in the Oscar wheelhouse, is Sofia Coppola’s The Beguiled, getting pretty strong reviews.

  11. Like JS, I think ‘Get Out’ didn’t quite match up to the enormous critical praise but I’ve never been to a cinema screening where the audience connected to a film like that.

    It being released so early in the year is a big hurdle to overcome but if I had to guess I think it will fit into one of the Best Picture nomination slots.

  12. I will say that if you count Twin Peaks as a feature (it was written and produced as such, Lynch only chopped it up into 18 hours during the editing process) it’s by a mile the best thing I’ve seen this year.

    I’d love to see them release a full out feature film version for video, they’d really only need to remove the opening and closing credits.

  13. Baby Driver is very good. But as we’ve discussed before: online critics in particular seem to go way, way over-the-top when it comes to praising films from certain directors. Edgar Wright is one of them.

    Just lower those expectations a bit if you decide to see it.

  14. Yeah, I’ve noticed that about Edgar Wright too.

    I’m guessing that’s because he has the persona of a ‘film geek’ who gushes about all sorts of films from any era (and seemingly hasn’t ever seen a film he doesn’t like) and it makes a certain type of online film critic see him as one of them and consciously/subconsciously this impacts how they see his films.

  15. Spider-Man: Homecoming was an absolute blast. While I enjoyed Baby Driver, this film actually gave me the high I was promised from critics last weekend. Definitely my favorite of the year to date.

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