Random Thread for September, 2017


Colin Trevorrow out as Star Wars IX director: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/colin-trevorrow-as-director-star-wars-episode-ix-1035463?faebook_20170905


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Location: Vegas, Baby! I’m much older than the other whippersnappers here, a baby boomer. I tend to be more snobbish about film, disdaining a lot of the multiplex fare for “cinema.” My favorite films: Woody Allen’s oeuvre (up until about 1990), The Godfather, The Graduate, A Hard Day’s Night, Pulp Fiction. Politics: Well, George McGovern was my political hero. I’m also a prickly atheist. Occupation: Poised to be an English teacher in Las Vegas. For many years I was an editor at Penthouse Magazine. My role on this blog seems to be writing lots of reviews and being the resident Oscar maven.

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  1. You can forget how many different movies he was in. I just remembered he was in Animal House (and did not take a cut of the profits, costing him millions of dollars).

  2. Sutherland’s been around for so long that he’s appeared in remakes of films (The Italian Job, The Mechanic) where he could’ve quite easily appeared in the originals.

    Surprised he’s never actually been nominated for an Oscar, especially for the plethora of great roles he had in the 1970s.

  3. That’s genuinely surprising, although for the past 30 years he’s mostly specialized in supporting roles as authority figures/villains, etc in thrillers. Nothing particularly challenging for him.

  4. The great Harry Dean Stanton has died. Did he ever give a bad performance? I doubt it. I’ll have to watch Paris, Texas again soon. Sam Shepard the screenwriter has died, and now Stantion. It will be a melancholy viewing.

  5. The first recollection I had when I heard the news was actually his role in The Godfather Part 2; coincidentally the actor who played Fanucci (the mafia guy shot by a young Don Corelone) died just a few days ago.

  6. Funny, I just saw Godfather 2 a few weeks ago and when some obits mentioned he was in it I couldn’t remember who he played until I checked the cast list. DIdn’t hear about Fanucci. “Just so I can wet my beak!”

  7. tbh I’d just presumed because of the age of the actor that played Fanucci (Gastone Moschin) passed away decades ago. In contrast Moschin was only born a year later than the actor who played Sollozzo in the Godfather (Al Lettieri) and he died at just 47 in 1975.

  8. Haven’t read a bad word about Stanton in all the years I’ve been into movies. He truly sounds like he was a kind soul who people genuinely loved. There don’t seem to be many of those.

  9. Just back on coincidental deaths, a remarkable one which I only learnt yesterday was that the actors who played Henry Blake in the MASH movie and TV series respectively (Roger Bowen & McLean Stevenson) died within a day of each other.

  10. The BBC recently conducted a survey of 250 critics worldwide and asked them to vote for their 10 greatest comedies of all time.

    Some Like It Hot came out on top with films from the likes of Chaplin, Allen, Marx Brothers, Brooks and Zucker/Abrahams featuring highly.

    You can see the top lists of all 250 respondents here
    and that’s even more interesting than the generally predictable top-rated films are.

    Oddest choice is Jonathan Rosenbaum putting Orson Welles’ F For Fake. A pretty good doco/essay film, but hardly a film I would call comedic.

    Biggest surprise for mine is how ‘The Odd Couple’ only got one solitary vote. I guess it underlines how much Neil Simon has fallen out of favour amongst for critics but for mine that would probably make my personal Top 10 funniest comedies list.

    I’m surprised how little the Blake Edwards Pink Panther films are represented (although The Party has a lot of votes).

    Disappointed that Kentucky Fried Movie didn’t get at least one mention although John Landis movies get featured a lot (I’m guessing Jackrabbit Slim will be bemused that includes Coming To America which got votes from four critics).

  11. I hear it so often from others, yet I’ve rarely had problems with noisy and obnoxious attendees when I’ve gone to the cinema. And on the odd occasion when they’ve been distracting, it’s usually older people which goes against the stereotypes of obnoxious teenagers.

    On a broader level, I don’t know whether they have it in America but here in Australia the mainstream cinemas offer ‘Gold Class’ experiences where if you pay a bit extra, you can sit in much comfier seats, smaller cinemas and have a wider range of food which can be brought out to you at certain times in the film (and you can call them for service at any time). It’s not cheap but I’ve done it a couple of times recently and it’s been an enjoyable experience.

  12. I usually don’t have a problem with theater-goers because I almost always go to matinees where there aren’t many people. But having worked in a movie theater I know they will cut corners whereever possible, including dimming the bulb so the movie is too dark. The bulbs are very expensive and they think they can make them last that much longer.

  13. I read somewhere the reason for the dark images is related to usage for 3D showings. Didn’t 3D craze run out of gas 5 years ago? Hard to believe exhibitors still relying on that.

    On a semi-related point, I remember here in Australia 5 years ago all the excitement was over 3D TVs and how they were the next big thing. By 2015 they’d basically disappeared.

    3D phenomenon fascinates me as every 30 years it becomes dominant for 2-3 years with experts saying how it’s a game-changer, right before everyone gets sick of it.

  14. After bottoming out with the fifth entry, FOX is currently casting a hybrid sequel/prequel to Die Hard with the working title of JOHN MCCLAINE. Willis will return, but a younger actor will portray a wet-behind-the-ears beat cop version of the character.

    Any ideas re: casting? There’s not really anyone in the right age range (say 20-25) that springs to mind.

  15. In the growing retrend of rebooting film franchises from last decade, the new Tomb Raider trailer starring Alicia Vikander has been released.

    I’m not the target audience for this (never seen the Jolie films) but this looks seriously underwhelming. Seems to have many of the negatives of modern blockbuster films; obvious CGI (how fake do all the shots of water look?), boringly hyperbolic plot (future of the world at stake) and judging by Vikander’s performance, a ‘serious’ take on something that doesn’t need to be taken seriously.

  16. Yeah, the Tomb Raider trailer was packed with every cliche I could think of. It doesn’t look significantly different than the other films, despite being a more “grounded” take.

  17. What I take away from the Tomb Raider trailer is that gaming (especially Naughty Dog and Crystal Dynamics) is that gaming is the new TV with its artistic directing and writing and acting. Games have far surpassed movies.

  18. “Taron Egerton (sp?) would be perfect for young McClane.”

    Probably a little too old for the gig. He’s only three years younger than Willis was in the original and it’s supposed to be about a decade prior. They need someone in their very early 20’s ideally.

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