AGEBOC IX – Week Nineteen




Predict the grosses of the films opening the weekend of September 8th-10th, 2017

The one who predicts closest to the total Friday to Sunday gross for the #1 film wins 4 points. Runner-up gains 2 points. Predicting within half a million on the first question each week earns 2 bonus points.

Deadline is Friday, September 8th at 12:00 pm (EST).  

Note: This is the FINAL week of AGEBOC 2017.  Thanks for playing!  

    1. What will IT earn this weekend? (4 points for the closest guess, 2 points for second closest. Within 500k earns a 2 point bonus)
    2. What will Home Again earn this weekend? (4 points for the closest guess, 2 points for second closest)
    3. What will IT earn from Thursday PM/Midnight shows?  (4 points for the closest guess, 2 points for the second closest guess)
    4. A gambling question for those who are game: While IT is on track to have a historic opening weekend for a horror film, will it beat the ADJUSTED opening weekend of 1994’s Interview with the Vampire at $77.4m?  (6 points if you answer “Yes” and the film achieves this.  MINUS 4 points if you answer “yes” and the film does not.  No points awarded for “no”.)

Current rankings:
Jackrabbit Slim – 86
James – 67
Juan – 61
Marco – 40
Joe – 33
Filmman – 12
Rob – 8


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  1. Doing something a little different with question #4 to keep the weekend interesting. I could go either way on it at the moment, although I think a 70m+ opening is in the cards.

  2. Also – in the editor the questions are numbered 1-4. After posting they’re A-D. I have no idea why this is happening or how to fix it.

  3. Where is Marco?!

    Anyway, Thursday PM/midnight # for it was $13.5M. Crazy. Opening weekend prediction from here on out is tricky. Horror movie legs are difficult to predict. It could do low 70’s or end up in the 90’s. Just no idea.

    A. James +4, Slim +2
    B. James +4, Slim +2
    C. James +4, Slim +2
    D. Juan +6, James +6

  4. It pulled 71m more than the biggest unadjusted horror opening (Paranormal Activity 3) of all time and 46m more than the biggest adjusted (Interview with the Vampire).

    This is a record that could stand for decades, unless the IT sequel topples it. A truly historic opening weekend.

    Now…will WB try to split the second half into two films?

  5. Saw It today. Not a great movie by any means, the pace of beat, scare, beat, scare is too repititious. But a crowd-pleaser for sure and a good cast of kids. Full review up in a couple of days.

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