Movies opening and streaming in Connecticut – Weekend of October 21st, 2017


Theatrical releases

Boo! 2: Tyler Perry returns as Madea in this sequel to the 2016 hit, Boo!  It should easily open at the top of the box office this weekend.  I haven’t seen any of this series, but they’ve been uniformly successful.

Geostorm: Gerard Butler stars in this environmental disaster epic filmed way back in early 2014.  Following some negative test screenings, Warner Brothers reportedly pushed Director Dean Devlin aside and brought in Jerry Bruckheimer and television helmer Danny Cannon (Judge Dredd) to try and salvage it.  The budget ballooned north of 120m and it will be lucky to close its run at 25m domestic, so uh, nice try I guess.

Only the Brave: Josh Brolin, Miles Teller and Jeff Bridges star in this firefighter drama from Director Joseph Kosinski (Oblivion, Tron Legacy). Given the problems happening in the Western United States right now, it’s not entirely surprising that audiences aren’t turning out for this.

New and notable streaming

Wheelman: Well-reviewed Frank Grillo-starrer that looks like a action movie version of Locke.  Definitely seems worth a watch. (Netflix)

1922: This may come as news to some, but 00’s almost-leading man Thomas Jane is still making movies!  This is his third Stephen King adaptation (following The Mist and…Dreamcatcher) and it’s based on a novel I’ve never heard of, but hey – he’s supposed to be really good in it so it might be worth checking out. But probably not. (Netflix)




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  1. When I saw the trailer for Geostorm at the cinema, it looked like something that would barely pass muster as a DTV release. And having Bruckheimer attached to it is the equivalent of the kiss of death these days.

  2. I don’t know how much blame falls on Bruckheimer since he was brought in a year after shooting completed in an attempt to save the picture. Of course if the film worked, he’d get all the credit!

    Given the film’s performance this weekend, they should have saved their money and just released Devlin’s cut. I can’t imagine it would have done much worse.

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