Movies Opening and Streaming in New Jersey and Surrounding Environs and Worldwide – Weekend of October 28th, 2017

Jigsaw – I’m not a horror movie fan, but you can’t deny the staying power of a movie where people cut their limbs off that has lasted eight installments. But then, Medea is on her second Halloween movie already, so there’s that, I guess. And yes, I’m still at the point where I can watch Medea much more easily than I can watch people cutting off their own limbs. Is this one even about people cutting off their limbs, or are they treating it like romantic comedies? Does Jigsaw have a kid with someone he’s torturing or something?
Suburbicon – I have to admit I’m a fan of Clooney’s directorial efforts. I don’t remember much about the Gong Show movie but I can’t really remember why (maybe it was because Sam Rockwell was in it?) and Good Night, Good Luck was so well done, and I was so impressed that Clooney directed it, I still remember it fondly. I’ll have to revisit it soon. This stars Damon and has a home invasion and black humor, apparently, thanks, likely, to the fact the Coens co-wrote it. I can’t imagine the low-key direction of Clooney will mix well with the Coens, but what do I know? And I’m wondering if the current Weinstein imbroglio is going to harm Damon’s career – more than his current movie choices have, of course. But it’s currently at 27 percent on Rotten Tomatoes and Ebert reviews gave it a 1.5, so maybe the Weinstein kerfuffle won’t make any difference.
Thank You for Your Service – What is this? Ah, a movie based on a book about service members returning home from service. Will it delve into the reasons for the war in question? Or does the marketing team not want to incur the wrath of trolls who would bag the movie for getting political? Who knows. If this is your kind of movie, I hope you get something important out of it, and it enhances your life somehow. Who’s Miles Teller? What has he been in?
Notable Streaming Releases –
Creep 2 – Our own James says Creep 2 is pretty excellent, it’s doing great on Rotten Tomatoes, and the first review I read says Creep 2 is ‘strange and wonderful’. It, however, stars and was co-written by Mark Duplass, so this is all I will say about this movie, as I will not be seeing it. But if you’re gonna watch this, hope it’s as good for you as it was for James and the reviewers.
Stranger Things 2 – By far the biggest event of the weekend. I can’t add anything to this part of the post that hasn’t been discussed already. But I will say that man, you have to be awfully cynical (or under 25 because, you know) to think Stranger Things is, you know, bad, and not the masterfully-crafted homage it is to all the things that made entertainment so fun and interesting and watchable in the 80’s.
The Center Will Not Hold – I decided to add this one because it’s a fantastic look at a fantastic woman, Joan Didion, directed by her nephew, Griffin Dunne. A fantastic look at a certain time and place through the lens looking through the eyes of a national treasure and one of the most important American writers ever. It’s uplifting and enlightening and tragic and worth it. Watch it.

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