Random Thread for November 2017


Interesting how the entertainment industry is making much harsher penalties against accused sexual harrassers than the American people do in their voting:



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  1. Spacey’s career appears to be over. He’s being written out of House of Cards and incredibly, is being replaced by Christopher Plummer in All the Money in the World, which is being released in six weeks.

  2. Surely this would be the closest to a release date ever a key actor has been replaced in a major film.

    At stores recently when I see them advertising ‘Baby Driver’ DVDs I can’t help notice Spacey prominently displayed on it; I wonder if these revelations had happened a few weeks before whether for that they would’ve gone to the trouble of removing any mention of him from the posters and covers for it.

  3. Spacey’s facial prosthetics and make-up were incredibly distracting in the trailer. Not that I have any interest in the movie, but at least casting an actual old person in the role will make it easier to watch.

  4. I’m kind of stunned, if not pleased, that the action is swift. Weinstein, Spacey, C.K., Charlie Rose, their careers are over. It’s only in politics where you can get away with this shit.

  5. Absolutely agree. While Lasseter is a gifted creative type – he absolutely deserves to lose his leadership position. We’ve all heard how great Pixar’s culture is/was over the years, but I’m assuming that’s from the POV of men who didn’t have to live in fear that they might end up sitting next to their gross, groping boss in a meeting.

    I could see him returning as a consultant of some kind (with no direct reports, etc) but I’m saying there’s no way in hell he’s in his position by the end of the year.

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