Opening in Connecticut – Weekend of October 12th, 2018

First Man: Drama about Neil Armstrong (Ryan Gosling) and the Apollo 11 mission from the director of La La Land and Whiplash RT: 88%, Metacritic: 85%

Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween: The process of mounting a sequel to the well-received 2015 Jack Black film has seemed surprisingly chaotic. Sony re-hired the Director of the original, who promptly quit. Then they commissioned dueling screenplays (one with and one without Black’s character) before announcing the film as the ambitious-sounding Goosebumps: Horrorland (with Jack Black returning to star).

There were already posters out in the wild when the studio changed course yet again by dropping both the actor and concept at the 11th hour.

The final film looks like a loose/less-expensive retelling of the original film with a small cameo from Black. I don’t know what the hell happened here. RT: 42%, Metacritic: 54%

Bad Times at the El Royale: Great cast (Jeff Bridges, Jon Hamm, Chris Hemsworth). Great reviews. And the studio has failed miserably at marketing this. I have no goddamned idea what it’s about and I doubt anyone else does either. Neo noir does not sell itself. RT: 72%, Metacritic: 61%




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